Practitioner Supervision

Supervision on skype

You can now have supervision with Tamsin Grainger on skype in the comfort of your own home. The sessions can be short (5-30 minutes) or longer (up to an hour). Please see below for costs. You are welcome to briefly consult on a small matter concerning your practice or a client; or take longer to go into something that is bothering you, in depth.   You can even learn a new technique for a complaint that one of your clients has that you are unfamiliar with!

Please contact Tamsin on to find out more or to book.

It is very important to be listened to

Group Supervision for Practitioners sessions are available with The Shiatsu School Edinburgh tutors, Tamsin Grainger or Cynthia Shuken, as well as with Sally Freedman who works with the year 3 students towards the end of their training to explain the benefits of supervision and how valuable it is for support once you have graduated.

Supervision can be one-to-one or in a group, and therefore varies in price from £10 per hour (if a group of  5 people) to £50 for one person depending on your experience and need.

A list of other supervisors in Edinburgh is available on request.

A free mentoring service is offered through The Shiatsu Society as well as a great deal of other useful information for the public, Shiatsu students and practitioners.