Shiatsu with a student

Would you like Shiatsu with a student?

We hope to be able to offer another student clinic soon.

Contact Tamsin 07821 264 882


Choose from 10.15  and 11.30am 

Cost: £10 with year 2 student ; £15 with year 3 student.

All appointments are one hour in length and will be in a supervised setting where 8-10 sessions are taking place in one large room. You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early to change, and stay on for 5 minutes afterwards to fill in a feedback questionnaire to help the students learn.

To book  07821 264 882

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Shiatsu in side position

Shiatsu with a student throughout the year

You are welcome to book a Shiatsu session with a student throughout the rest of the year.

Our supervised clinic days are held 2/3 times a year and a session with a year 2 student is £10 and a year 3 student is £15. They usually take place in the Autumn and Spring of each year.

Sessions last for 1 hour and are in a supervised setting (you will be on a futon in a room full of other people also receiving Shiatsu and the students will be watched by a tutor).

Please note that you will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early to allow you time to get ready, and stay on for an extra 15 minutes afterwards to fill in a feedback form which will be a very useful learning tool for our students.

It is extremely important that you notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend so that a student is not left waiting with no-one to give Shiatsu to. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

We know that you will have a really relaxing and enjoyable treat!

To book please email