Shiatsu with a student

Would you like Shiatsu with a student?

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh student clinic

one-hour Shiatsu sessions
with our 2nd Year students in a supervised setting in Edinburgh

at the
Healthy Life Centre
35-37 Bread Street · Edinburgh, United Kingdom

booking time slots :

£20 donation suggested with a year 2 student.

Advance booking essential.

Shiatsu is form of oriental bodywork. It creates a flow of energy to bring life to body areas.

We believe that Shiatsu can calm an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.

A Shiatsu session generally lasts for about an hour, and takes place on a futon mat on the floor. You will remain fully clothed. The treatment will be tailored to meet your needs, and is likely to include acupressure massage, stretching and hands-on work to increase the balance and flow of energy and bring awareness of the profound links between spirit, minds, emotions and body.
To benefit fully from the treatment, avoid alcohol and heavy meals on the day.