Year One Shiatsu and Acupressure Courses


Learning the acupressure points

Here is the information about the first year of Shiatsu Training:

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We recommend that you try an Introductory Day before booking for the Year 1 course.

Practice Classes for all

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The ‘Shiatsu for Relaxation’ course enables students to practice Shiatsu on family and friends. This can be an enjoyable stand-alone year for fun and self-development; as well as the first of the 3-year practitioner training programme.

Care is taken to allow for a range of learning methods, a balance of practical and theoretical study, and safe and professional bodywork training.

Please do contact us on if you have any questions.

Learn Shiatsu in 4 positions: prone, supine, side and, here, seated

A certificate is awarded on completion. If you are keen to become a practitioner, there will be a further 2 years of part-time training. The 3 years do not have to be taken consecutively and can be carried out at other Shiatsu Schools in the UK and abroad.

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh (TSSED) is fully ratified. All teachers are MRSS (Member of the professional Register of the Shiatsu Society) practitioners and some are also teachers recognised by the Shiatsu Society (UK) designated ‘T’.

Class assistants are graduates of TSSED or other recognised Shiatsu Schools.

Giving Shiatsu on futons on the floor

And on a massage table

Learning how to give space for the Ki (energy) to move and to position ourselves comfortably and effectively so that the Ki flows


Y1 Training 2020-2021

Module one – introduction to Shiatsu -online- 2020


Weekend 1 -October 10/11

Weekend 2-November 14/15

Weekend 3-December 12/13

Module one -online Zoom platform

(Sat and Sun) 10am-13.30 / 3.5 hrs   per day = 7hrs per weekend

21hrs in total

2021 in person


Module two- 12 Classical Meridians, theory written assessment at the end


Weekend 1- January 16/17

Weekend 2 – February 20/21

Weekend 3- March 20/21

Weekend 4- April 24/25

Weekend 5- May 22/23

Weekend 6 -June 19/20

weekend 7 -July 3/4

(Sat and Sun) 10am -5 pm / 12hrs per weekend   total 84 hrs


Module three- Case study, other positions of working and final practical assessment to complete Year 1


Weekend 1 -September 4/5

Weekend 2 – October 2/3

Weekend 3- November 6/7

Weekend 4- December 4/5

(Sat and Sun) 10am -5 pm / 12hrs per weekend   total 48

Total hours of 153 in Year 1 as a part of 500 hrs required by The Shiatsu Society to get you on to professional register of Shiatsu practitioners

Curriculum Year 1

This year- the first year is split into 3 parts:

The first part is online and will cover basic principles of Shiatsu, Introduction to TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and the focus will be to develop awareness of the Ki in your own body

  • theory of Ki/Chi the Life force energy, where is coming from and how can we affect its quality?
  • Yin and Yang principals ,5 Elements cycles and associations-how these affect our energy and emotions and how these are presented in nature and in our body
  • self -Shiatsu, learning to work 2 Meridians on yourself to develop the awareness of Ki from within
  • connecting to 3 Burners -energy awareness to help to restore the balance
  • Do-In as well as some Acupressure points
  • Hands and feet massage
  • Introduction to anatomy

The second part we go deeper working with the 5 Elements and the pair of the Meridians associated -learn to work in 3 different positions (prone, supine and side) As we learn each of the Traditional Meridians, we will discover the patterns of health and dis-ease that go with them. We will also see how we can nurture each Element with food and lifestyle recommendations. Each weekend you will receive plenty of bodywork whilst learning to give treatments to others.

  • Metal Element – how to expand our Lungs, bring the clarity into your life, to exercise our boundaries and why we should let go of sometimes
  • Earth Element -ability to ground and we will look into how to nurture your body and mind
  • Water Element- how to manage the stress situations and storing the energy
  • Wood Element – how to be flexible but not bend too much, making the choices and creating your dreams
  • Fire Element – how do you express yourself? Do you have enough compassion   and love for yourself as well as for others?

The final part we will put all you had learned so far into completing the case study based on the 5 Elements theory and 4 forms of diagnosis. You will also learn the seated and table shiatsu

  • working with the flow of the 5 Elements
  • developing your diagnostic abilities
  • creating individualised treatments
  • Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel
  • Introduction of Hara diagnosis
  • On-Site and Table Shiatsu
  • developing your question and counselling skills

All three modules have very practical focus

In Shiatsu training developing good self practice is the key – so different forms of meditations, Meridian yoga- Makko-ho stretches, Do-in as well some chi kung would be taught.


Homework and practical assessments with mini quizzes are spread throughout the year. They cover subjects like anatomy, case studies, essays and readings. The homework is marked and the marks contribute to the end-of-year result.

Our course has been ratified by The Shiatsu Society. All students completing our 3 Year training are automatically placed on the register of the Shiatsu Society.

The work in the first year gives a good grounding for anyone interested in complementary health or growth work.


The energy exchange for 14 weekends of Year 1 training 2020-2021:

To pay in full:


by the end of September 2020

To pay in instalments by the direct debit:

To secure your place:

 deposit of £230 (non-refundable)

The payment is required by the end of September 2020

Then you can:

A/ pay by 12 monthly payments of £125 – setting direct debit starting in October 2020

Total: £1730

B/ by two payments of £735

first payment made by October 30th 2020 / the second payment by 31st of January 2021

Total: £1700



Practice classes

Making an application

To make an application, please fill in this application form Shiatsu Y1 application form 20-21 (pdf)

Languages spoken by teachers: Czech, Slovak, French and Polish is understood.

You are on your way to discovering an exciting form of healing energy bodywork!