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Introduction to Shiatsu weekend workshop

Introduction to Shiatsu, workshops

Please note that Gift Vouchers are available for these Shiatsu Introductory events.


18/19 November 2017

11am –  5pm Edinburgh

Our Introductory Workshops are a fantastic opportunity to learn Shiatsu massage skills to benefit yourself, family and friends.

This weekend will give you an excellent introduction to Shiatsu. You will learn a routine for the back, shoulders, legs and feet; acupressure points, do-in self Shiatsu and much more. The emphasis is on creating a relaxed environment in which you can start to practice this powerful energy healing which originated from China and Japan. You will have the chance to repeat and go-over things, as well as develop what you have learned.
This is also the second weekend of the year 1 training.

The course will cover:

  • Do-In self Shiatsu techniques to develop your energy
  • Back Shiatsu or other routine on another person
  • First aid acupressure points for various symptoms
  • and have the opportunity for questions and discussion

back shiatsu (shSoc)

Please contact us for more details or to book a place.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is traditionally given to the client on a floor-based mattress called a futon in the Japanese tradition. Increasingly, practitioners are experimenting with carrying out Shiatsu on a massage table, and as this can be more comfortable for those with knee or hip problems, we can teach everything in both ways. There are, therefore, very few physical restrictions for those contemplating participating in an Introductory Day. Please ask the Course Director, Tamsin Grainger, if you have any questions.

Cost and payment

£140 or £130 if you are considering this as the first weekend of the year 1 training. You do not have to decide until you have completed the introductory weekend. If you have paid £140 and decide to continue you will pay £120 for weekend 2 and £130 thereafter in advance by direct debit.

What to wear and bring to these classes

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes with bottoms such as leggings or tracksuit, plus a clean pair of socks. It is best not to wear jeans as they can be uncomfortable for Shiatsu. Some paper and a pen, a mat (yoga-type) or futon, blanket and cushion. Water, tea, biscuits, and hand-outs will be provided.

email: phone 07821 264 882.

Shiatsu in side position