Seated Shiatsu Certificate: an intensive course

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Seated Shiatsu

Seated Shiatsu


This course will train you in effective methods of relieving back, neck and upper body pain, and headaches.


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  • Seated Shiatsu routine
  • acupressure points
  • Contraindications and safety issues
  • Exercises to prepare the practitioner
  • Oriental energy work (Ki / Chi development)
  • Shiatsu theory, including Yin/Yang

We will be working on simple stools and chairs, and Sitting/Kneeling stools (not on the traditional acupressure front-leaning chair). You do not need to buy your own stool for the course but if you have one please bring it along.

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£350 (all inclusive of accommodation, food and teaching). 10% discount if 2 people book together.

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 Entry Requirements

The workshop is for beginners.

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh promotes the Code of Ethics of The Shiatsu Society (UK) and all students will be expected to sign a contract adhering to this.

More details Contact Tamsin on 07821 264 882

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