Japanese Bodywork Diploma


There is no Japanese Bodywork Diploma / Year Two running at present. This page will be updated when there is.

In this stimulating course, you will work with varying pace, depth, speed and rhythm, balancing the Elements to create healthy, flowing Ki. This will help to expand your techniques, skills and intuitive feeling of Ki, progressing your Shiatsu to an advanced level and enabling you to widen the group of people on whom you practice Shiatsu.

The course consists of 10 weekends, 2 clinics plus a 5-day residential, enabling successful participants to practice Shiatsu on the public in a supervised manner. It comprises the second of the 3-year, professional Shiatsu practitioner training, and is also an excellent self-development opportunity.

Year 2, Teaching


“Overall this is the most supportive learning environment I’ve known. I also appreciate all the work put into this course. It is thorough and stimulating.”

Why do this course?

These courses are for those who are interested in developing themselves and their skills in Shiatsu Practice, and Oriental Theory, integrating anatomy and physiology.

This can be the second year of the full 3-year practitioner training and can also be done after the Shiatsu for Relaxation one year course


  • Zen Shiatsu theory
  • Locations and functions of Zen Shiatsu meridians (Masunaga extensions to the traditional meridians)
  • Kyo/Jitsu theory and practice
  • Zen Shiatsu Hara and Back diagnosis
  • Other forms of diagnosis
  • Traditional (Classical) supplementary CV and GV meridians and their associated points (Tsubos)
  • Relationship between the Five Elements, in theory and practice
  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology, in line with the core curriculum requirements of the Shiatsu Society (UK)
  • Continuing the development of the practitioner’s own Ki (Japanese term for energy) through self-Shiatsu exercises and other methods
  • Basic listening skills
  • Structuring a Shiatsu session
  • Practitioner development skills
  • Home Study approx 12 hours per month

The course will be a balanced mixture of practical and theoretical components, with a focus on experiential learning. Hands-on skills learned in class will be reinforced with applied and written homework set between weekends, and regular, constructive criticism is given.

Individual tutorials are offered half way through the course where you will get direct one to one feedback on your development. Assessments are held at the end of the year.


Students will have completed the previous year with The Shiatsu School, Edinburgh (or a recognised equivalent course), or demonstrate that they have reached the necessary level for entry. A willingness to participate and experiment, in addition to demonstrating commitment to the course is important.

 back shiatsu (shSoc)

Edinburgh venue

Edinburgh: Santosa yoga studio, 21 Albert Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5LH

The course runs over 10 weekends, 10am–5.30pm, plus 2 clinic days and a 5-day residential amounting to 173 hours.

Year 2 fees:

Fees include all teaching, assessment and venue fees.

You have three options for paying fees:

  1. Full fee paid in advance (this is an £80 reduction on the standard fee) total £1758.
  1. Early Bird: Deposit £160 before July plus 11 monthly payments of £148 from August – June (this is a £50 reduction on the standard fee) total £1788.

3. Standard option: Deposit £210 before 31st August plus 11 monthly payments of £148             from September – July. Standard fee £1838.

Extra costs:

Books (we will send you a book list on booking the course – some are available to borrow from the School libraries).

3 professional Shiatsu sessions to be received over the year from MRSS or Graduate of a recognised Shiatsu School.

If you miss a full day or a whole weekend you will need to arrange a tutorial to catch up on the practical work. This is normally 1 hour per day missed at a rate of £45 per hour.

An extra sum of £70 will be payable in March towards the Residential accommodation and food costs.

If paying monthly please arrange for your payment to reach our account on the 15th of each month.

We are always happy to speak with you about the course and if you are considering it you may like to come and have a Shiatsu with one of us (there is a reduction from £50 to £45 for those who would like a Shiatsu with Tamsin Grainger .

Year 3: Practitioner Training